How does one explain Punk Funk Mob?

Punk Funk Mob has been most accurately illustrated as the Ramones meets Funkadelic with Betty Davis on vocals…WOW!

The Punk Funk Mob is here to shake up the industry with its brand of PUNK FUNK music (A TERM COINED BY LEGENDARY FUNK MUSICIAN - RICK JAMES).

Not just an average band, Punk Funk Mob is a movement that breathes creation & innovation at its highest level of design. What best describes the Punk Funk Mob’s sound; A mysterious magnetism of superstars that draw the awe of ALL with injections of rock, punk, funk & rhythm. Punk Funk Mob is the sweat, the funk, the smile & the X file to your party show woes.





by Punk Funk Mob

Clap handz entertainment presents: oaktown variety

friday, february 27, 2015

pfm 42715 at XOXO.jpg

next show dates:

february 27, 2015 - xoxo club - OAKLAND CA 

may 1, 2015 - town futurist intimate sessions - OAKLAND CA

April 17, 2015 - Stork Club - Oakland CA 

APRIL 20, 2015 - NEw punk funk mob album (worldwide release)

May 7, 14, 21, 28, 2015 (every Thursday in May) Bissap Baobab - San Francisco CA

“Have a drink on us,” Femi told the audience after “Funky & Proud” came to an abrupt halt. “Tell ‘em to charge it to Leather Feather,” she added.

Femi, who considers herself something of a comedian, was playfully referring to the rather menacing punk band that preceded them on stage. Its members’ bodies and faces were covered entirely in white cloth, save for eye slits. Leather Feather, Punk Funk Mob, and the show’s headliner, singer-rapper Keno Mapp, all record for Mooremapp Records, a label run by Mapp and Fishbone frontman Angelo Moore. Moore, a saxophone slung over his shoulder, served as emcee for the evening and sat in on Punk Funk Mob’s closing song, “Funky 2 Me,” trading chants with Femi of oh, oh, hey, hey and it’s that funk, that funk, that uncut funk that makes me wanna ride.

Punk Funk Mob’s sound, which draws on punk rock, funk, and elements of new wave, is quite a stylistic departure for the singer, who only a few years back was making a name for herself on the Bay Area neo-soul scene with mellow original music reminiscent of Sade and India.Arie. But, the Berkeley-born vocalist admitted she has always been a punk at heart. And she never liked the term “neo-soul,” preferring instead to call it “neo-fuckin’-soul.”
— Lee Hildebrand

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